Blue Goat Life is about breaking free from the herd and finding what makes you uniquely you. Allowing yourself the greatest gift you can give yourself and the universe. Honoring and being true to what you think, love, feel, and want to do with the precious moments that make up your life.

Mother and a Child


Blue Goat Version:

I've always been fascinated by the journey.

From contemplating my future when first graduating from college, to serious conversations with friends and clients about life. There has always been a desire to cut through all of the noise to try and find out what is really going on in the lives we live.


From growing up playing kickball in the front yard, to family road trips across the country, my parents and sisters are everything to me. We’ve spent our entire lives laughing, inspiring, and helping one another.

It took me 37 years to find the love of my life. Now I can't imagine a day without her.

I feel most at home being on the water. There is something about paddle boarding on the open ocean or trying to catch a wave that I can’t get enough of.

Put on anything with a good beat and I can’t help but dance. I’m not a good cook, but love chopping and food prep. Give me some music, a glass of wine, and put Natalie next to me with her huge smile and I’m in the perfect place.

In writing Blue Goat, my hope was to honor the gift of the truth so many shared with me. Every lesson I learned inspired me to help shift the focus back to what is real in life. Not just for the reader, but for myself.

Looking in the mirror, I realized I was holding back parts of myself that kept me from being a Blue Goat in my own life. Now, I've finally made it off-road and am blazing my own trail.

I can’t wait to see who I meet in the fields as others kick down the fences, leave the herd, and find their inner Blue Goat too.


Sheep version:

Headmaster and teacher’s son. Youngest of 3. Played soccer, basketball and lacrosse. Mock trial team, choir, and peer counselor. Ivy League grad, worked as a Business Manager, Consultant, Teacher, Coach, Sales Executive, Embassy Analyst, Financial Advisor/Business Owner. Husband.