There is no finish line

The assumption: It is just around the corner.

So many of us are doing everything we can, day in and day out, just waiting for the person to show up at our office with the special “SUCCESSFUL” pin.

Waiting to hear them shout, “Congratulations!! You’ve made it!! You are finally successful!!”

Yet, no one shows up.

Why are we so focused on a concept that has no measurable or clearly defined outcome? We think it is laid out in front of us, but we forget that as soon as we get the next job, the bigger car, the nicer home, or the extra zero in our bank account, that we still have to keep living.

So many of us are trying so hard to be “successful” as it pertains to our careers, that we end up on the hamster wheel that never stops. We assume that the raise, promotion, bigger bonus is going to be that “thing” that changes our life. Yet, all too often, it doesn’t.

We are told and sold the idea that some thing or some event will be the moment we go from being “not successful or happy”, to finally “successful and happy”. We are so stressed out, over worked, underpaid, and exhausted, because we allow ourselves to get duped into believing there is a finish line.

We hear that there is this “thing” or “moment” out there, that as soon as it happens it will change everything for us.

There isn’t.

We have to start realizing that success has been twisted and contorted from something you find internally, to something that we seek externally.

If we re-align our vision, pulled back the curtain on the truth, and realize that all the other stuff is window dressing and fake, then we might get back to what is real. That the only real thing is you and what you want out of your career and life.

The people that are seen as “successful” are achieving and having the checkboxes marked off to the items that don’t necessarily equate to personal success.

They may be rich in the bank, but all too often are broke in their life.

A Porsche in the parking lot, but no life because of what they had to give up to get it.

I’ve met so many people who have all the things, the “C” level title, and all the stuff, yet feel no different about themselves than they did when they first started their career.

If we break out of the mindset that all our success in life is going to come from our career and our bank accounts, we might find the truth that is going on just behind the “reality” we think we are living in.

Your real “success” is finding the answer to the question of “what do I want out of my life?” and not wasting away the days and years grinding away for some manufactured expectation of happiness and success based on titles and money.

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