Get out of the "Life Boat"

Sometimes we are trying so hard to make it, or simply survive the craziness of life. The stress, competition and frantic pace of it all can be so overwhelming. We all want to make it to the tropical island to live the life of our dreams but too often we are worried about just staying alive, so we stay in the life boat. We float along with everyone else.

We know the island we want to get to is out there somewhere over the horizon, but we stay put. Day by day, month by month and year by year we focus on surviving everything that life throws at us. If we ever start to think about jumping overboard and trying to swim to our dreams everyone around us starts to tell us why we can’t make it.

“Don’t do it!” “There are sharks out there!!” “You might drown!” “You don’t have enough food!” “There is no way you can make it!!”

Yet, all that advice is coming from people that have never actually jumped. They tell us what we are capable of, what we can’t do, and throw fear at us to keep us where we are. Those people don’t want you to leave, they want you to stay right next to them; just floating along through life. Too often we hope that if we just sit in the life boat long enough, somehow the current will take us where we want to go. If we do the time, wait our turn and stay with everyone else we will be rewarded with the boat finally landing ashore and all our dreams coming true.

That just isn’t how it works.

The current of the life boat is taking you farther and farther away from where you say you want to go. The longer you wait and don’t go after your dreams the farther away they become. You aren’t going to end up at the place of your dreams with countless other people. You all can’t have the same dream in life, so there is no way you are all going to get to the same place just by floating through life together. It’s time to decide if you are making it through and just surviving in the life boat with everyone. Do you have the courage to jump and swim towards your dreams, or does fear keep you in your seat?

Step up on the side of the boat.

Jump in the water.

Start swimming.

Be unapologetic about going after the life you want and pay no attention to everyone yelling at you from the boat that you aren’t going to make it.

You will.

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