Throw the party

Last weekend I took the leap to travel up to Philadelphia for my first Blue Goat Life event outside of Charlotte. I was so excited to see if what I have been working on was resonating with anyone outside of the area I was living and if people that didn’t even know me would show up.

Writing a book and sharing it with the world created feelings I never really prepared myself for. I felt a level of vulnerability I hadn’t planned on or ever expected. I never really experienced anything like it before in my life. The funny thing is, I think the level of vulnerability from writing the book was trumped by having an event for the book and not knowing if I was going to have 100 people show up or if it was going to be a room full of empty chairs. With just a few minutes to go before the 10:00am start time for the event I was starting to feel nervous when it was just me and my wife sitting drinking coffee together.

Here I had flown the two of us up to Philadelphia, rented a hotel for the weekend, paid for Uber’s and food and was it all going to be for nothing? You can imagine my excitement when people started to show up and were there for the event! I obviously had hoped there would be a line out the door, but I know that wasn’t a realistic expectation for my first event, or maybe even my 20th event.

The most important thing for me was the feedback and reaction I received from the people that did come. I was sitting there sharing my story about my career and writing Blue Goat and I could see the smiles, sense the emotional reaction, and could feel the energy that came from this connection with new people. They asked me questions like “where did you get the courage to do that?” or “why weren’t you scared?” To one question along those lines I simply said, “at some point you just have to have the courage to throw the party and not be afraid if no one shows up.”

To me, that literally says it all.

My response even caught me off guard, because I never really thought about it like that before. I think that too often we are afraid of really putting ourselves out there. Being totally vulnerable and willingly putting ourselves in a position where things might not go right. What I realized from the responses and questions is that too often we may let our limiting beliefs keep us from some of the most amazing things in life that we think are just beyond our grasp. To me, I threw the party. I took a weekend, and went to another city and risked having no one show up.

What happened was even more powerful. The people that did show up taught me how freaking magical it is when we take that risk. When we put ourselves out there and totally throw caution to the wind. In doing so you become that beacon of light that others may need in their lives. The laughs, conversations, and amazing stories that came out of our time together that morning have me so excited to throw the next party. To create the next opportunity and to continue to put myself out there in the most vulnerable way possible. What I found in Philadelphia from total strangers showed me everything I needed to know about life.

(my smile in the pic above says it all!!!)

We have to keep throwing the party. To keep creating, keep trying, keep doing what we love and share who we are with the world. “Throwing the party” shows up in so many ways in life. It may mean writing a poem, creating a presentation, starting a company, wearing certain clothes, or literally having a party at your place. My hope is that in some way you can start to change that perspective on everything you do.

If you throw a party and no one shows up, at least you can control the music and party exactly the way you want to.

To me that isn’t that bad either.

Best case, you create something, or do something that would have never happened without you.

Keep doing your thing. Keep sharing your magic and keep striving to step out of the herd and be a Blue Goat!

Be you.

Throw the party!!

Watch this video. It shows that by just being you. People will literally come running to be a part of what you started.

Dance party

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